Wholesale Soap Design Form
The combinations for your Wholesale Soap are almost infinite.  Here are a few questions to help us narrow down the possibilities.  DREAM BIG and tell us about YOUR SOAP!   (These answers are a starting point and are not set in stone.)
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Let's start out with a working title for your soap like "Raspberry Swirl" *
Scent? Are you looking for a natural essentail oil, organic essentail oil or fragrance oil?  
Which Shape?
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Give us an idea of how much you would like your soap to weigh.  A good weight is 4.5 oz
Give us an idea of size of your soap.  A good size is 2.5 across, 1 inch thick, 3 inches tall and weighs 4.5 oz
Color(s)?  Almost infinite
Base Oils pt. 1
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Base Oils pt. 2; Are there any oil that you would like to add AND/OR subtract?
Thoughts on additives like Lavender Flowers, Bentonite Clay, ground Walnut Shells?
Adding Value to your Soap
How many bars in the first order and thereafter?  500 is the minimum order.
Price, Wholesale and Retail.  Wholesale, it's best if we talk about what you want to acquire the soap at so we can help you build value and to make sure you are realistic about the process.  For example, a client told us they wanted to purchase soap for $1.30 including shipping.  This doesn't even come close to covering the materials and labor.   On the other hand, another client told us that they were going to sell the bars for $20 - $25 and we were able to help them build perceived value into the bar to help them achieve that goal.  It's best if we have a range to work with up front instead of coming up with these great ideas and no way to fund them.
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