INKED (KILL DEVIL INK) by Sarah Darlington ~Blog Tour Signups & ARCs
Title: INKED
Author: Sarah Darlington
Genre: Contemporary & NA Romance
Series: Standalone within Sarah Darlington's Kill Devil Hills and Never Trust world.


There’s three things Amanda knows about Nick: he’s cocky, he’s amazing in bed, and he’s the father of her unborn baby.

Nick wasn’t looking for anymore attachments. All he wanted when he walked into Kill Devil Ink, the local tattoo shop, was a little souvenir he could bring back home to Maine; some ink on his skin. Instead, he ends up sleeping with his sexy tattoo artist, Amanda.

Their night is raw, uncontrolled, passion.

Amanda is all pink hair and confidence. While Nick’s eight different levels of anxiety are all hidden under one carefully constructed facade.

But being with Amanda is unlike anything he’s ever experienced. She sees through him in a way he’s not used to. Moving back to Maine, staying in Maine, suddenly doesn’t seem like his best option anymore.
He goes home. But two months later he returns to North Carolina. He returns to find out Amanda’s pregnant.

She’s says it isn’t his. But Nick knows otherwise.

All bets are off, as Nick has to convince this woman that they might just be perfect for each other. When he’s never been stable enough to be anyone’s perfect before. And if Nick has to get ten more tattoos in the process, so be it.

**INKED is a full-length standalone set in Sarah Darlington’s Kill Devil Hills world.



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