Your Experience with Biohacking
Thank you for visiting my survey! Please answer the questions as honestly and thoroughly as you can.
As this is going to be on my project, is there a pseudonym you would like to go by? (Real name is preferred, but not necessary) *
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What is your occupation? (Optional)
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How long have you been interested/in biohacking? *
How old are you?
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What Geographical area (state, province, etc.) (optional)
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What is your annual income? (Optional)
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Politically, what do you identify as? *
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Have you installed any implants in yourself? *
Have you installed any implants on other people? *
Do you interact with other grinders often? *
Yes, I work with other people
No, I rarely work with other people
Do you interact with other grinders for non biohacking related activities? *
Yes, many of my friends are hackers.
No, this interactions are strictly professional/non-existent
How has your family felt about you being a grinder? *
My family supports me in my endeavours
My family dislikes it/doesn't know
What was your first exposure to biohacking? *
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Do you feel hacking can become commercial? Should it? *
I believe it should not
I believe it should
Yes, it can be
No, it cannot
Please elaborate on your previous answer *
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If I had to read up on anything related to biohacking, what would you suggest I look at?
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How does your identity relate to you being a biohacker?
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