Mid-Year Arabic Program Feedback
We are so excited to have a new Arabic Program this year. Midway into the year, we would really appreciate your feedback so we can continue to provide the best instruction to your child. Your support is crucial to the success of this program. JazakAllah Khayr. (Please complete one survey for each child that you have enrolled in the Arabic program.)
Are you a parent of a student in the Arabic program?
What level is your student in?
What is your student’s teacher’s name?
Have you had any contact with the Arabic teacher?
Did you attend Parent Teacher Conference this year?
As a parent, do you feel that your child’s Arabic skills have improved from the beginning of the year until now? Please explain.
Your answer
Would you continue your child in the Arabic program next year? Please Explain.
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Please provide any other feedback. What have you liked? Provide any suggestions for improvement.
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