Shred Girls Survey
Do you have kids you're trying to get into sports, or who could use a self-confidence boost? Shred Girls is a book series designed to bring cycling — and a love of outdoor adventure to young women. I'd love it if you could fill out this quick survey so I can try to reach as many young girls as possible!
Do you have a young girl in your life who's already into cycling?
Do you have a young girl in your life who you'd love to see get into cycling or get outside more?
Have you tried to take a younger girl out for bike rides, and if so... how did it go?
Your answer
Is there any resource that you feel like is lacking in the girls' cycling/outdoor sport community (i.e instructional website featuring young women, better gear for girls, etc.)? If so, what would you like to see more of?
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Do you think girls are underrepresented in sport media/books/movies/TV
Would seeing more girls in that outdoor media get more girls outside?
Do you buy books for the young girl in your life?
Email (so we can send details of book launch, giveaways + Shred Girls swag!)
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Let me know if you'd be interested in being part of the 'launch team,' getting some early release chapters, helping plan events near you, and scoring other fun swag!
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