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In our ‘Sparks of Change’ column, people around the world share stories that illustrate how research culture is changing or how it should be changed. Each piece centres around a transformative moment that put the authors, and potentially those around them, onto a new path.

Interested in writing for Sparks of Change? Please use this form to tell us about your idea.

This form can be used to share ideas in response to our active 'Calls for Pitches' ( Ideas for stories beyond these topics are also welcome if you have a unique and unexpected story to share.

If you've already written the article that you'd like us to consider, please first check our general guidelines ( and if you think it's a good fit for our column, please send it in an editable format to Please allow up to two weeks before you can expect a response from us.

The guidelines also give more detail about what we're looking for and what to expect if you submit.

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