11G First Day Survey
Please answer the following questions -- they will help me get to know you better and also plan the year!
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Students who are new to me: tell me about your name. *
Do you adore it or abhor it? Is there a story behind it? And if I'm saying it wrong and you haven't corrected me already, do so here!
Where are you from? How do you feel about it? *
I love hearing about what neighborhood/state/country you are from, but also what your relationship with that place is like.
How do you like to express yourself? *
What do you do/say/create that shows your true self?
What's a book that has made an impression on you? *
It can be a book from any time or place... and it doesn't have to be deep. But what's the book, and why do you remember it now?
How can I help you this year? *
Think about what challenged you in English class last year--or school in general. What will help you succeed? Get specific!
Anything else I need to know?
Don't be shy! I am the only person who will read this. This is a great place to share any "hidden facts" about yourself -- things that are must-know but I can't tell just by looking at you.
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