Hanover County Council of PTA's Survey for Certificate of Excellence
Survey portion of the HCCPTA Certificate of Excellence Application due date: 4/15/21
What school are you answering this survey on behalf of? *
What is your school's enrollment for 20-21? *
What is your membership for 20-21? *
What are your fundraising goals for the year? *
What fundraising programs are you participating in? Which work the best for your school and which weren’t as successful? *
How do you see your school implementing the 3 to 1 rule? For every fundraising activity, there should be at least three non-fundraising projects aimed at helping parents or children or advocating for school improvements. Example: Programs--Free Movie Night, General Membership meeting, and Reflections ... Fun Run Fundraiser. *
What is your most successful/most anticipated program? *
How is student input factored into your PTA events? *
Does your PTA provide any scholarships to graduating seniors? If so, what is the value of the scholarship and the requirements needed to apply? *
What are the biggest obstacle(s) your PTA has faced outside of the COVID-19 challenges? How has your PTA tried to address these challenges? *
How has COVID-19 affected your planning this year and how has your PTA addressed it? *
Do teachers or staff members regularly attend your meetings? *
What are you finding to be the best way to communicate with parents? *
Do you ever partner with other local units or groups outside of the school? If so, how and what are you doing? *
How has COVID-19 affected your volunteer pool? Do you typically have help or do you have trouble finding volunteers? *
If you could change one thing about the way the PTA (as an overall organization) operates, what would that be? What is one piece of constructive criticism you could offer the HCCPTA? *
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