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** Please note that for the time being, we are looking for submissions that do not pertain directly to COVID-19. **

This is the online submission form for SftP Online. We are currently seeking pitches from diverse lived experiences and professional backgrounds.

Check out this excellent example for a general idea of the kind of pieces we'd like to feature: https://magazine.scienceforthepeople.org/web-extras/freethevaccine-pandemic-covid-19/

We are only looking for pitches and outlines; please do not send full drafts of articles via email or via this form.

The editorial team will reach out if your pitch is deemed suitable for publication. Accepted pitches will be compensated for according to the magazine's standard rates (https://magazine.scienceforthepeople.org/submissions/).

We recommend folks check out these freelance journalism guidelines before pitching: https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/08/how-not-to-pitch/279193/

Thank you in advance for your submission!
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