Veterans Coming Home: Event Survey
Thank you for joining our Veterans Coming Home event! Please share feedback on your experience and the ways in which VCH can bring civilians and veterans together for substantive conversations in the future.
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Are you a veteran, civilian, or currently serving in the military? *
Did Veterans Coming Home change how you perceive the challenges veterans face in transitioning to civilian life? *
My perceptions have not changed
My perceptions have changed significantly
In what way(s) have your perceptions of the veteran reintegration process changed?
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Do you feel more hopeful and optimistic about the opportunities available to veterans returning home after participating in a VCH event? *
I do not feel hopeful or optimistic about veteran reintegration
I feel very hopeful and optimistic about veteran reintegration
Do you believe veterans are unique assets to their communities? *
No, veterans don't have much to offer their communities
Yes, veterans are vital, unique assets to their communities
Have you learned about new resources or community programs for veterans through this event? *
Are you more likely to join a community organization connecting veterans and civilians after participating in this VCH event? *
How can we work to make future events more impactful for veterans and civilians alike? *
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