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WGPO Contest Host Application
If you are interested in hosting a WGPO contest in the 2020 season, please complete the following application. WGPO will select contest hosts from these applications and will contact those chosen. Be prepared to provide more information about your facilities and a letter from your principal, athletic director, or facilities manager to confirm that your group is available if you are chosen to host.
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Sponsoring Unit Name *
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Unit Director *
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Site Address *
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Daytime phone number *
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Which dates are you available to host? (Please check all that apply-you MUST select 3 dates in order to be considered to host in 2020) *
WGI and WGPO require contest hosts to provide a performance area of no less than 60' by 90', with a 10' "safety zone" on each side (for a total area of 80' by 110'). What are the dimensions of your performance area? (in general, the gym floor including the "out-of-bounds" area) *
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Number of feet between front basketball court sideline & first row of bleachers/wall *
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Number of feet between back basketball court sideline & first row of bleachers/wall *
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Are all door-posts leading into warm-up & performance area removable? *
Are basketball goals in the performance area able to be raised up? *
Are there any stairs into/in between warm-up and performance entrance/exit? *
Seating Capacity of the front side of your facility: *
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Number of bleacher rows on the front side of your facility *
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If we were to schedule solo/ensemble competition at your facility, would you have the facilities available to host? (We are considering having these at a smaller, regular season contest rather than as a separate event) *
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