Dear students, for the purposes of the Erasmus+ project P.L.A.C.E.S., we kindly ask you to take some time and answer the following questions (October 2015):
What should every foreigner know about your country? *
Do you know what is a legend? *
Do you know any legends or myths popular in your town/region/country? *
Can you name at least one legend from your town/region/country? *
Would you like to be part of the new Erasmus+ project P.L.A.C.E.S.? *
If your answer was "yes" to the previous question, are you interested in taking part in the mobilities within the project?
How do you think you can contribute to this project to be a successful one? List some activities you could do. *
What is your level of English at this point? *
Do you think your English can improve with your involvement in this project? *
List your ICT competences at this point. Are you currently using *
Do you think your ICT skills can help you in this project? *
Are you interested in learning the language and about the culture of the partner countries in this project? *
Why would you like to join the project P.L.A.C.E.S.? *
Are you a team worker? *
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