Where is LESLLA going next? Maybe to YOUR town!
**DEADLINE to submit interest form for hosting LESLLA 2020 is July 15th, 2019.**

Thank you for thinking about hosting the 2020 LESLLA Symposium! More detailed information about Host City requirements and desired characteristics can be found at https://www.leslla.org/host-a-conference. There's a document there with much more detail.

But, in brief - In 2020, we would like to be in a non-English dominant country/setting. In past years, our “even years” LESLLA gatherings have been in Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Finland! (“Odd years” have gathered in the U.S. and Canada.)

What we offer conference hosts:
In 2018, LESLLA elected its first leadership, and we now have a Board of Directors, non-profit status and banking established, and our membership list official. We are ready to support the host city in their work to host the LESLLA Symposium. We recognize that hosting our conference is a BIG undertaking and requires many volunteer hours from the conference organizers, but we are now here to assist and support this work! We will provide seed money to get started, previous conference chairs’ planning documents, regular meeting time to answer your questions and, and 15+ years of experience in making this conference a reality. We also will assist with the publishing of the proceedings volume following the conference.

What do you get for putting on the LESLLA conference?
By bringing LESLLA to YOU, you are offering your local LESLLA educators a chance to go to an international teaching and research symposium they make never otherwise be able to attend! People who are fortunate enough to attend LESLLA come away with not only great ideas to improve their teaching and research, but extraordinary networking opportunities, new resources, and the chance to be a part of an international community working toward a common vision: serving our LESLLA learners more effectively worldwide. In addition, by hosting this conference you can shine a light on the excellent LESLLA education happening in your area, lift up the students and teachers involved in this complex work, and bring much needed attention to immigrants & refugees in your area and the policies that affect them.

We hope you will consider becoming our host for 2020 (in a non-English dominant locale), or 2021 in an English-speaking setting! Please review the basic and desired requirements below, and fill out the Google form indicating your interest. The form is NOT a promise to host, nor is it binding in any way, it simply indicates you would like to talk more about this opportunity.

Thank you! We look forward to talking with you more and possibly bringing LESLLA to YOU!

**Please submit interest to host form by July 15th, 2019 for consideration as a host of LESLLA 2020.**

LESLLA Board of Directors

If your organization or institution is interested in hosting the annual LESLLA Conference, please complete this form to provide us with information about your location, organizational resources, and amenities available to attendees. This is not a commitment, just an indication of interest!

Planning Annually by Dominant Language of Host Country:

2018 - Palermo, ITALY: Non-English speaking
2019 - Pittsburgh, USA: English speaking
2020 - Non-English speaking
2021 - English speaking
2022 - Non-English speaking
2023 - English speaking
2024 - Non-English speaking
2025 - English speaking

*Note: Thus far, LESLLA has been scheduled around the availability of hosting entities. However, in the future, we may strive to standardize the timing to streamline planning for hosts and attendees. For example, we can all count on TESOL and IATEFL to fall around March/April annually.

Host City Information for LESLLA
Please respond to all of the following questions. If you still don't have some details in place, just tell us in your response.
HOSTING ENTITY: What will be the hosting institution or organization (e.g., University of Granada, Literacy Pittsburgh)? *
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GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Where would you like to host the LESLLA conference? (City/Country) *
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HOSTING SITE: Where will you be able to host the organization (i.e., school, hotel, or conference center)? *
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CONFERENCE COMMITTEE: Who will serve on the conference committee? If you haven't created a team yet, from where will you recruit individuals? *
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TRAVEL: Provide a brief description of travel options for getting there. For example, is there an international airport or will attendees need to travel from an international airport by train or bus? How convenient and affordable is the location in terms of travel for international attendees? *
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LODGING: List options for lodging in the area (e.g., hotels, hostels, AirBnb, homestay, etc.). Provide any useful logistical information: cost and proximity to event location. *
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LOCAL TRANSPORTATION: What is the nature of public transportation (e.g., bus, train, bike, walk) for attendees to get around the city? *
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TIMING: What year would you like to host? (2020 = non-English speaking; 2021 = English speaking) Please propose a few date ranges (months/dates). *
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PRESENTER SERVICES: List any services available at the event location or nearby for presenters & attendees in need of printing materials, using the internet, etc.? *
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LOCAL OPPORTUNITIES: What opportunities will this hosting location offer in terms of site visits (e.g., schools, language centers, refugee-serving organizations, etc.)? *
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LANGUAGE and CULTURE: Is there any linguistic and/or cultural information that attendees should be aware of to participate at the conference and with the local community? (e.g., local languages spoken, norms related to local dress/behavior/food, holidays around event time, etc.) *
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ALLURE: What would be the particular draw of this city as a site LESLLA attendees would enjoy? What types of attractions, entertainment, geographic beauty, etc. can you highlight? *
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POTENTIAL CONFLICTS: Please list any social or political factors to consider that may impact the ability of certain groups to attend? *
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What else should we know? What questions do you have? *
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Contact Information: Please provide your name and email so we can be in touch with you. *
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