FreeSO Mentor Application
Welcome to the Mentor Applications! This application is quite in-depth so please prepare to put aside 20-30 minutes to fill it in. Please read all the below information and accept that you have read it before continuing. There is no excuse to be unaware of the information we have provided or the rules we have put in place.

At this time, applications will only be open for the duration of september 2019.

By applying to be a Mentor you understand that:
• As we are only taking on a limited number of Mentors, you are not guaranteed to pass the application. You will be contacted with feedback regardless of whether you pass or fail, but contesting a fail will result in permanent disqualification from any future re-applications.
• If you pass the application process, you will then be put on a non-public 2-week trial period, during which we will assess your suitability.
• If you pass the trial period you will be given a Mentor role in our Discord and a profile badge in-game.
• Being a Mentor does not make you a moderator nor give you any admin privileges.
• We want you to be fully honest with us in your application, just because you don’t play much or struggle in certain situations does not mean you will not be considered. Quality over quantity is what we look for.
• Although a previous history of breaking the ToS may affect your application, it will not rule you out from being accepted, as everyone deserves a second chance.
• The mentor role can be taken away at any time for any reason the admins believe is viable.

Mentors must also adhere to the following:

Mentor Rules
• Mentors must set a good example to others in public, that means having a good attitude and positive behaviour.
• The purpose of mentors is to assist the community. Anyone found to be using their mentor status to attempt to elevate themselves above other players or receive special treatment will be stripped of the role.
• Mentors should not give players the false impression that they are game moderators or have any access to admin privileges.
• Mentors should not get involved with any situations that involve breaking of our ToS, they should forward these on to game staff.
• Any information shared within a Mentor environment must be kept confidential to the Mentor team and may not be shared with other people, even if you lose your Mentor status.

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