Philly Slam League: BNV Team Registration
Please register if you would like to compete in the 2020 BNV Qualifiers in an effort to gain a spot on Slam League's 2020 BNV Team.

What is Brave New Voices?
The Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival, powered by Youth Speaks, is the only festival of its kind. Every year, over 500 young poets, their mentors, and the nation’s leading artists and cultural workers convene in a different U.S. city for 4-5 days of arts education, artistic expression, and civic engagement. *If you are not familiar with the slam, we suggest you check out some YouTube videos from past BNVs as well as the Youth Speaks website that has information on the festival.

General Rules:
1)  Students who go out for the team must be available to practice from May 15th - July 25th.  We will have a modified schedule during the school year and then will move to a 3-5 day schedule once the school year ends.  Schedules will be reviewed at guardian meeting once the team is established.  We will also try to schedule a 3-5 day local retreat that will be announced at our first meeting.
2)  Must be available and have consent to travel with the team for Brave New Voices:  July 22nd - July 25th.  
3)  Must be between the ages of 13 - 19 July 25th (cannot turn 20 before or during competition).
4)   Must arrange your own transportation to and from practice and food during practices.  We cover all other costs, including the cost of the festival, and provide light snacks.  
5)  In order to be eligible, you must compete in at least one Slam League team competition by the third qualifier of the season (April 3rd).  If your school does not have a team, you may compete on the Free Library's house team (email Cait for more information).  

1) We will have three qualifiers.  In each qualifier, poets will receive points for competing.  Competing = 1 point; Making top 5 = 2 points; and Winning = 3 points.  The top 12 poets from the qualifying season will earn a spot in the finals.  The top six poets at the Finals will earn a spot on the team.  Qualifiers will be held on February 7th, March 13th, and April 3rd.  Poets are encouraged to compete in all competitions in order to maximize your chance of earning a spot in the Finals.  *February 7th will be held at the Free Library and will coincide with our Slam League Kick Off Event.  Other times/locations are forthcoming.  
2)  Poets will compete in two rounds:  1:30 minute round and 3:00 minute round.  Each round has a 10 second grace period.  For every 10 seconds over time, poets will receive a 1 point deduction.  
3)  Poets must adhere to Slam League rules in regards to profanity and explicit content.  In the event a poet violates these rules, they will be disqualified from the qualifier and receive zero points.  If this is an ongoing violation, we maintain the right to remove them from competition.  
4)  All poems must be new when touching stage (meaning that they haven't been used/won't be used in a Slam League team competition or have been used in past season BNV qualifiers/competition).  
5)  All poems must be memorized in order to compete.  Reading is not permitted.  
6)  Poets who wish to compete must register for the season prior to competing AND sign up the Sunday before competition.  The first 20 people to sign up are guaranteed a spot in the competition.   We will email you the link to the slam sign-up as well as email it to your coaches and post it on our social media.
7)  On February 7th, you must check in with Cait by 4:20 p.m. in order to compete.  Other check in times will be announced as we finalize the details for those competitions.  

Finals will be held on May 8th.  Details will be announced at the last qualifier of the season (April 3rd).  

*If you have any questions, please feel free to email
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