Pupil Survey - Questions for SJPS Pupils 20-21
Forename *
Surname *
Class *
I feel safe in school. *
What things make you feel safe in school?
I think the school deals well with any bullying *
I know who to talk to if I am worried or upset *
What things could you do if you were upset in school?
The school teaches me how to keep healthy *
What things do we do in school to teach you how to be healthy?
Do you enjoy physical activity in school?
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There are lots of chances at school for me to get regular exercise *
I am doing well at school *
How do you know how well you are doing at school?
The teachers and other adults in the school help me to learn and make progress *
My teacher is usually happy and greets me with a smile each morning *
My teacher knows me really well *
They know what I am good at, what I am not so good at, what I like, what my hobbies are
School leaders and teachers care about me *
Which teacher or member of staff would you feel most comfortable talking to if you were worried about something? *
Most lessons are fun or enjoyable in school *
The headteacher listens to my ideas to improve our school *
I feel happy coming to St. Julian's Primary School *
I know what to do and who to ask if I find my work hard *
What do you do if you find your work hard?
The school has enough books, equipment and computers for me to do my work in school
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Other children behave well and I can get my work done. *
What do we do to encourage pupils to behave? Are there any pupils who always misbehave? Are there any pupils who always behave well?
Nearly all children behave well at playtime and lunchtime. *
What things do you enjoy playing with on the yard? What could we do to make you enjoy playtime more?
What do you enjoy about school?
What do you not enjoy about school?
Do you feel that you have friends at school? *
Which learning theme or activity have you enjoyed the most and why? *
Not just this year but in your whole time in school - what has been your favourite lesson or activity or theme?
Are there any other ideas you have to improve our school? *
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