Registration for TU's Delaware Watershed Summer Temperature Monitoring
Event Timing: At your convenience, July and August 2021; 5 hours total for most volunteers
Event Address: Northwestern New Jersey
Requirements: Personal transportation; ability to navigate short sections of trail-less forest to access streams
Contact Keith at 570-335-5735 or with questions about signing up

Event Description: Trout Unlimited is seeking volunteers to measure and report stream temperatures at 250 sites in northwestern New Jersey. Each volunteer is asked to measure stream temperature at 10 different sampling locations in July or August, and each site will be measured just once. This should be about a 5-hour total time commitment, unless you agree to hike in to sites or to sample more than 10 sites. Sampling can occur at the convenience of each volunteer.

I will mail each volunteer all necessary sampling gear (a thermometer, orange safety vest, datasheet, instruction sheet, and volunteer waiver). Sites will be assigned to volunteers to match your 'Preferences' on the next page as closely as possible. Sites within watersheds will be assigned on a first come, first served basis in the order of submission of this form. Friends and family are more than welcome to split up the 10 sites if they share thermometers, but I can only offer 1 thermometer for every 10 sites.

Thank you for your interest in participating and please reach out if you have any questions!

Useful information:

Sampling Instructions:
Paper Datasheet:
Site Map:
Data Submission Form:

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