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Students who would like to participate in one or more of our environmental programs can fill out this form and Ms. Poulakos will contact you with more information and confirmation. Check all programs of interest.
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6th grade and 8th grade: what day(s) do you have science as your LAST core? - check all that apply
7th Grade: Which days would be easiest to leave Encore 2 (Smith, Doll, Mikosz, Schmidek, Plummer, Devlin, Steady, Finnance, Koehler only) - check all that apply
Composting: during lunch/ direct students to sort compost then weigh at the end of lunch
Cafeteria Recycling: during lunch, standing at recyling bins and helping students sort recycling
Classroom Recycling: during lunch, empty classroom bins into larger recycling barrels
Aquarium Maintenance: during block 26, helping to check water quality and change water in tanks
Project Feederwatch: Starting in November, recording birds visiting feeders and uploading data to Cornell University)
Air Quality Flag Program: before school or at end of day, check forecasted air quality and post corresponding flag
If you have ideas for other programs of interest, list them here:
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