General Practitioners' Perspectives on Psoriasis
Dr Belinda Lai, Dr Annika Smith
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5. What proportion of patients in your GP practice have you observed to have psoriasis (of the skin)? *
 6. Are you aware of a relationship between cardiovascular disease (CVD) and psoriasis? *
7. Please nominate your response to the following statement: Psoriasis is associated with worse cardiovascular  (CV) outcomes than the general population. *
8. Do you regard psoriasis as a clinically relevant CV risk factor (i.e. akin to hypertension, dyslipidaemia, diabetes mellitus)? *
9. Given psoriasis patients are at increased risk of CVD, and typically are affected at a younger age than the general population, who do you think should be screening for CV risk factors in psoriasis patients? *
10. Who do you think should be managing CV risk factor status in patients with psoriasis? *
11. Please nominate your response to the following statement: Treating psoriasis can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. *
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