Satisfaction Survey
Fall 2022 Session- Thank you for helping us improve our programming so we can serve you better in the future!
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Please Check the program your skater is currently registered for
Is this your skater's first time skating with our club?
If this is not your skater's first time with the club, how many years have they been skating with us?
Did your skater enjoy their skating lessons this session?
What specifically did your skater like about the program?
What areas of the program could be improved?
Did the program schedule meet your families needs the session?
If not, Please provide suggestions for improvement
Did the quality of Coaching meet your expectation?
Did the club's methods for communication (Website, email communications, calendars, bulletin boards, WhatsApp-StarSkate only) meet your needs and keep you informed of club news, schedule changes, etc?
If not, please provide suggestions for improvement:
Please add any other comments/suggestions that you may have
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