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In 2015, YouTube Space launched a global initiative to spotlight and empower female creators on YouTube. Our goal was to catalyze the creation of female-driven content and inspire women to make more videos for the YouTube platform. As a continuation of this initiative, we’re taking it one step further and empowering women to amplify their voice through the most powerful of genres, comedy.

YouTube Space Mumbai will aim to green-light 5 productions and will make selections via an online application.

Videos featuring a protagonist who identifies as female or empowers women, in front of or behind the camera.

It doesn’t matter what genre you identify with (entertainment, comedy, vlogs, beauty & fashion, music, gaming), we just want you to be who you are...with a few more punchlines. We challenge you to amplify your (and the woman’s) voice and find your funny in your next video by using the creative prompt: “Isn’t it funny…” *
Let’s take control of the conversation and highlight all of the inspiring things women have to say. Need help coming up with your concept? Have no fear! We’ll also have workshops and event opportunities to help you create the laughter, meet potential collaborators, and get inspired. Additional production resources will be made available for creators with strong video concepts such as industry mentorship and additional collaboration opportunities.

*Please note that we will not be accepting ideas that do not meet YouTube community guidelines.

What production resources will be offered to the greenlit productions?
YouTube Space Mumbai will offer up to 5 production slots to create female-driven content with the following resources:
a customized set, fully dressed with furniture, wall decor, etc.
custom lighting design using the lighting grid
production crew (DP, ACs, sound recordist)
mentorship and creative consultation on your scripts and videos

For those not accepted into the production program, they will still get access to the sets made available and, if using the creative prompt, will submit themselves for potential inclusion in the overall promotion opportunity and additional benefits.

What are the additional benefits?
A-list Celebrity & Production Partner
We are soon going to announce an incredible partnership with an A-list comedienne/producer/director and her digital production company! They will be providing additional mentorship and production resources throughout the program, as well as some cool 2018 opportunities! Look out for more information on that soon.

Mega-Collab Video
Participating productions in the program will be invited to participate in the mega collab hero video of the program, which will be produced by our A-list Celebrity partner and her digital production company!
Productions to take place at the end of October/Early November.

Workshops & Events
Please note the following workshops and events are mandatory to attend as part of the program. Please ensure you are available for that week:

31st October: Writing for YouTube
31st October: Adobe After effects Workshop
1st November: Scriptwriting/Screenplay writing
1st November: Speaking with conviction/confidence
1st November: Build your brand: Networking and Marketing your abilities
2nd November: Mentor Session
2nd November: Ideation session with creative consultant
3rd November: Pre-Production for all Creators


11th November- Event Night

Who can apply for this production program?
All channels who are already qualified to use production resources at YouTube Space are eligible to apply: have a minimum of 10k subscribers, 0 channel strikes, and completed the “Unlock the Space” orientation.

What are the program requirements?
At least 50% of your video(s) created as part of this program must be shot at YouTube Space Mumbai.
The content of your video must be female-driven (see definition above).
The video must be prompted from the creative prompt: “Isn’t it funny…”.
Your final video(s) must include the program branding (intro/outro video, end card, playlist links, hashtag, annotations, etc.) and should not be released until the official release date that will be determined before the end of 2017 (we’re currently targeting a December 2017 - January 2018 release window).
We will ask that participating creators do not publicize their involvement in this program until the debut of the content, unless pre-approved by the YouTube PR team.

How can you take part in the program?
Please fill out this application and tell us more about your creative concept(s). All applicants will be notified on a rolling basis beginning on Thursday, October 26th at 7:00PM IST . Productions will be hosted from 7th November - 8th December at YouTube Space Mumbai with a tentative release date in December 2017 - January 2018.

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