Mathematics Achievement Fund (MAF) Grant Parent Survey 2019
Your child has recently received intervention services from a highly trained Mathematics Intervention Teacher (MIT) in his/her school through the Mathematics Achievement Fund grant. Per KRS 158.844, the intervention services selected shall; be provided to a student by a highly trained, certified teacher; be based on reliable, replicable research; and be based on the ongoing assessment of individual student needs. The Kentucky Department of Education and Kentucky Center for Mathematics value all shareholders opinions, therefore we are asking parents/guardians of students who received MAF services from the Mathematics Intervention Teacher to respond to this short survey by Thursday, May 30.
Please choose your child's current school/district. *
Please choose your child's grade level for the 2018-2019 school year. *
What level of impact has the intervention program had on the overall mathematics achievement of your child? *
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significant impact
What type of impact has the intervention program had on your child's feelings towards mathematics? *
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significant impact
How often did your child's intervention teacher communicate about your child's progress? *
Please take a moment to visit What additional resources/information would you like to see added to the family math website? *
Please provide any additional comments on your child's participation in the MAF intervention program.
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