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We are a passionate team of data scientists and engineers, dedicated to deliver top notch data science and big data services. We are able to successfully deliver complex projects, which require cross-functional teams of highly professional specialists.Our expertise spans from production of actual web applications to mining massive data sets and uncover business value from data. We achieved exciting and interesting results by applying our expertise in the data science, machine learning, big data, data visualization and production of real-world web applications.
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Commerce and research are being transformed by data-driven discovery and prediction. We help organizations realize the value hidden within customer and prospect databases, using best-in-class data science methods. It requires scalable data management on and off the cloud, machine learning algorithms, statistical modeling, and proficiency with a complex ecosystem of tools and platforms.
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It often works best to get your materials seen. One of the most effective communication tools is a visualisation of your data. But it need to be done right!Active WIzards can visualize all your data with the help of such platforms as d3js, Tableau, R Shiny app etc, and identify it's key features. We'll make your data speak for itself.
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Big Data has exploded onto the scene as a huge opportunity for companies to gain a competitive advantage. However, these new technologies can be challenging to implement. Our Big Data strategies are following the best practices of the industry, our performance is flawless and accurate, may help to unlock the full potential of your data by leveraging modern big data technology through the integration of disparate data, designing on-demand machine learning models and building custom reports and dashboards.
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To ensure the future success of the business, it is essential to get the insights from the data. We are experts at building predictive analytics models, finding important patterns in your data that may help to reduce your costs, develop and improve relationships with customers, and grow your profits. Our Machine learning services enable your organization to get a competitive edge, by leveraging full predictive potential of your data.
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We help to consolidate various sources of data and establish proper data storages. This is usually the most time consuming aspect of any data project. Our database experts will help to solve your complex business problems with the help of such tools as MongoDB, Cassandra, SQL etc.We provide implementations of different scale - from proof-of-concept to production scale on time and on budget.
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Imagine being able to understand and even predict customer behavior. We provide analytics services to drive customer value, decision making and profitability.Our team can help businesses and projects to identify outcomes based on their data. Creating custom segmentation strategies that are relevant to your specific business models and business objectives, algorithmically identify the portion of your customer base that is at the highest risk of leaving you as a customer, helping your company to determine and present the products or services your target market is likely to buy.
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ActiveWizards team can guide you on your journey with Apache Spark, a large-scale processing engine that can provide the benefit of improved performance in real-time. From application development to clusters management and deployment, we cover full cycle.
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We make our clients stronger and more competitive providing business-driven, user-focused, and highly innovative data-driven apps for them and think that custom software should provide truly transformative solutions.We'll collaborate to refine your idea—and create an end product that delivers exceptional results.And if you own a high-end, dynamic website and plan on expanding your web services through multiple platforms or if you want the ability to integrate seamlessly with other apps, you need an API for your web service. We will love to create high performance APIs suited to varying business models and ensuring their seamless integration with powerful business apps.
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