VT Everyone Eats - Interested Restaurants
PLEASE NOTE: VERMONT EVERYONE EATS IS CURRENTLY FULL ENROLLED. However, project managers regularly check this survey to identify interested restaurants.

This survey is intended to collect the names and contacts of restaurants that are interested in being paid to provide nourishing meals to their neighbors in need of food assistance through the Vermont Everyone Eats program.

In response to COVID-19, restaurants, farmers and community organizations across Vermont have stepped forward to help feed neighbors experiencing food insecurity. These programs have helped stabilize communities by nourishing Vermonters, alleviating the surging demand on food shelves, and providing economic support to restaurants. Vermont Everyone Eats was launched in August 2020 and is currently funded with federal and state dollars with the intention to continue operating through April 1, 2022 or through the declared state of emergency.

Participating restaurants are paid $10/meal and at least 10% of the ingredients for each meal must be sourced from local farms and value-added food producers. Meals must be nutritionally balanced. For this program "restaurants" can be brick and mortar, food trucks/carts, caterers, or any other food service provider that pays VT Meals Tax. You will NOT be required to pay Meals Tax on the revenue from Everyone Eats.

Restaurants can participate by engaging with community scale projects that are being coordinated by "hub" organizations. The "community hub" project managers are different in each region of Vermont. If you are interested in learning more about the community hub in your region, please contact vee@sevca.org
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Are you interested in providing meals for Vermonters experiencing food insecurity at the rate of $10/meal? *
Has your restaurant been negatively impacted by COVID-19? *
What is the name of your restaurant? *
What Vermont town is your restaurant located in? *
What Vermont county is your restaurant located in? *
What is your name? What is the best way to contact you? *
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Vermont Independent Restaurant Coalition, a restaurant advocacy group launched in 2020 and may have helpful resources for your business. Can we share your email address with VTIR so that they can send you updates about grant opportunities and other advocacy resources? For more info visit https://vtir.org/ *
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