2018 Voter Registration Contest Application
We have been inspired by youth this year as we have seen the next generation of advocates organize marches across the country. If you are part of this effort, or want to get involved in mobilizing your friends and family, we are here to support you! Our goal is for each organization to register at least 25 eligible people.

What: In partnership with Shincha Tea, the Vietnamese American Roundtable is giving away $150 mini grants for College and High School organizations to hold voter registration drives on their campuses from September 25th, 2018 to November 6th, 2018.

4 easy steps to increase civic engagement on campus:

1) Pick an event date;
2) Prepare materials from Voter Registration 101 Toolkit;
3) Conduct event marketing;
4) Pick up boba and register voters on event day!

Eligibility criteria: In order to participate, your organization must be 1) a student organization and 2) located in Santa Clara County. A total of 10 high school and college organizations are eligible to apply until grants are exhausted. If there are more than organization interested per school, the first organization that applies and qualifies will be the lead organization for that school.

When: Voter registration events on campus must be completed by November 6th.

In 2018, young people will make the largest eligible voting age group in the entire country! Register yourself and your peers to vote and join in on the largest voting bloc to date. For high school students, you can get a headstart. In 2016, CA passed a new law that allowing eligible 16 and 17 year olds the ability to pre-register to vote, and automatically receive a ballot after their 18th birthday.

Completion and approval of this application form will qualify your organization for:

1. 25 boba drinks to be distributed to those who volunteer or to those who register to vote ($50 in-kind value) (big thanks to our partner SHINCHA TEA for their generosity!).
2. $100 to help cover the cost for setting up voter registration drives.
3. Training on how to be effective in getting your friends and family registered.
4. Voter Registration 101 Toolkit with marketing templates to help get you started ready to go!

We want this event to be easy for your organization so you can have fun and become civically engaged. VAR will also provide event planning and logistics as needed for a successful event.

All participating organizations will be invited to an appreciation celebration at the Vietnamese American Community Center on Election Day weekend, where cash prizes will be rewarded to top performing organizations.

For questions, email Oscar Trinh with VAR at varoundtable@gmail.com
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