2020 NCR/Penn Mutual Women's 7's and 15's Select Side Player Recommendation Form
Please use this form to recommend players for the 2020 NCR/Penn Mutual Women's 7's or 15's Select Sides. Contact Bryn Chivers for further information or to discuss a specific player bryn.chivers@gmail.com 773 308 4540
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40 yard time
Use three timers to minimize timer error. Take an average of the two closest times (two closest not necessarily the two fastest)
300 Shuttle time.
Measure 25 yard course. Player runs out, touches line with foot and runs back, repeat 6 times for a total of 300 yards. Using a football field is easiest as it is already marked from the gaol line to the 25y. Time should be in the 60 - 70 second range.
Player Height *
Answer in inches. So 5'6" would be 66 inches.
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Link to video and description of video.
Why are you recommending this player? What are their strengths? List accomplishments, higher level experience. *
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