Express - Art Proposal
Express is an evening art gallery that visualizes the concept of Safe Space. After the gallery showing, everyone is invited to express themselves and discuss Safe Spaces and related concepts. Our goal is to instigate conversations about art and Safe Spaces in context of well-being.

Please complete the following application if you wish to submit your artwork.

Safe Space is a term used to describe the physical and emotional environment which surrounds all of us when we are in our optimum level of accepting change, moving forward, and coping with challenging situations. It is the people and environments which we surround ourselves that can help us seek happiness and wellness in life, especially during challenging times.
Though very important for our wellness, our community often still lacks the necessary tools to create a Safe Space for all individuals in Ryerson.

At Express, the goal is to instigate conversations about art and Safe Spaces in context of well-being. Through this experience we hope to create a closer community on campus, so that we may motivate and support each other in developing and sustaining our safe spaces.

We invite all students from all Faculties, as well as all artists with various skill levels and interests. This is an opportunity to share your art in a community that will do its best to provide a safe space while you express yourself.

Please note the event is *Tuesday Oct 24 6-9pm.* You are expected to arrive by 5:30pm for set-up.

Applications close at 11:59pm on October 10th.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to be an art student?
No, ANYONE can submit their art, regardless of skill level, medium, or experience..

Can I only submit images like paintings and pictures?
No, many forms of art are acceptable for submission. E.g. visual, audio, performance etc.

Does it cost to attend or submit art?
No, the event is free for all!

Do I have to attend Express if I want my art showcased?
It is HIGHLY recommended that you attend the art gallery in order engage in discussions with other artists and Ryerson community members.

Can I submit more than 1 piece per event?
Yes! You can submit more than 1 piece per event. If we have a large number of submissions, we may ask you to pick only one.

After completing this application please send your artwork to

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