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A new initiative Harvard Women in Computer Science (WiCS) is launching this semester is a mentorship program where young Harvard women will have the opportunity to connect with a professional in the tech industry once a month over the phone, coffee, or dinner. This will be a year-long engagement where students can ask any questions they have about finding internships, the interview process, and life in the workforce. This is a great opportunity to mentor a young woman and serve as a sounding board and source of wisdom for women looking ahead to a career in tech.

We have several young women who are excited for this program and depend on advice from their mentors to get started in their careers in tech. We have outlined some general expectations for mentors below:

1. Be responsive to your mentees
2. Organize at least one meeting with your mentees, either as a group or individually
3. Participate in a regular feedback process - this might look like a form that you'll fill out after meeting with your mentee

Fill out this quick 2 minute form to let us know that you're interested in becoming a mentor!

With WiCS Love,

Sophia Sun
Career Director
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Provide an email where we can reach out to you with more details later in the summer/school year. *
This form is only an interest form. We will send our sign-up, pairing, and preference forms later in the year, so be on the lookout for this!
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Would you like to be paired with one or more young Harvard woman? *
Your answer is not binding - we just want to get a sense of how much interest there is in being a professional mentor!
I would prefer to mentor WiCS members who are in their: *
Check all that apply. Working with first years might call for more guidance in terms of exploring new tech roles in industry, while working with fourth years might revolve more around navigating the recruitment process for a full-time roll post-graduation.
From which areas are you most comfortable mentoring in? *
Check all that you have experience with! We will do our best to match you up with your top choices later in the year once sign-ups are finalized. Feel free to include any additional tech roles you've served in the "Other" box.
What types of meetings would you be willing/interested in having? *
Check all that apply. We plan to provide funding for coffee and small meals with your mentee.
How often would you commit to meeting with your mentee (virtually or in-person)? *
Because our mentees depend on guidance from mentors, we ask for dedicated engagement from those who sign up for a pairing.
How many mentees are you comfortable being paired with? *
1:1 mentorships would look like monthly chats over coffee or meals. 10:1 mentorships would look like organizing a one-time company tour at your Boston-area office.
Anything to add?
Because this is our first year launching the Career Pods program, we would love to hear and incorporate your ideas! Let us know what you'd like to see from this program, and we'll do our best to meet your needs.
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