dB-SERC lunch discussion 11-15-2017: Developing a new statistical learning and data science course
Topic: Developing a new statistical learning and data science course
Discussion leader: Dr. Lucas Mentch, statistics
When: Wednesday November 15, 2017 from 12 - 1 pm
Where: 321 Allen Hall
During the lunch discussion, Dr. Lucas Mentch from the statistics department will discuss the development of a new course “Statistical Learning and Data Science” for which he received a dB-SERC course transformation award. The course will introduce students to modern methods in statistics, data science, and machine learning not covered in other courses and also foster the development of practical programming skills. The skills and methods learned in this course will be directly transferrable to industry positions while and can also serve as a solid foundation on which to build knowledge in graduate school. The purpose of the lunch discussion is to provide feedback on the design of the course encourage an interchange of ideas.
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