TechSenior Course Evaluation Questionnaire
On-line (internet) learning resources Evaluation.
Please rate using the following (1 = not good at all, 2 = OK, 3 = good and 4 = very good)
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1. Do you think the online course is useful for you – either to learn or as a reminder? *
2. Was any training well organized? *
3. Was the content of the online training useful? *
4. Were the learning resources clear and easy to use? *
5. Are you planning to use the technology you have learned? *
6. Is the technology you have learned going to improve your independence? *
7. Do you feel more confident around technology than before starting the course? *
8. Overall, are you satisfied with the online materials? Have they met your expectations? *
Is there any other subject you would like to learn? Which one/ones? *
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What did you like learning? *
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What improvements could be made?
Further remarks and recommendations, if any, that could help us improve the course (so good or bad comments please). *
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Thank you!
Thank you for completing this evaluation which will help to evaluate the TECHSENIOR pilot programme.
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