BHS Parent Transportation Waiver
By submitting this form, you agree to the following terms and conditions of the parent transportation release and waiver. Once submitted, the coach will receive your request via email and will acknowledge receipt.
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This is for the ENTIRE 2020 Fall Season
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I, the above named parent/guardian, hereby request to transport my student from the athletic practice or contest referenced above.I understand that Batavia Public School District 101 (“District”) provides transportation to and from all athletic practices and contests and, for safety reasons, it is standard policy that all student-athletes and coaches utilize the District-provided transportation.
I assume any and all risks of accident and injury to myself, my student, my property, and any others.
I hereby certify that the vehicle that I will use for this transport is covered by liability insurance as prescribed by law.
I hereby certify that I will not transport any other District students who are not of whom I am not a parent or legal guardian.
I assume all liability for, am responsible for, indemnify, and hold harmless the District and its officers, employees, and agents against any loss, liability, damage, or expense arising from any actual or claimed death or injury to any person or actual or claimed damage to property, whether owned by me, the District or third parties, including loss of use, that actually or allegedly results from providing transportation for my son/daughter to or from athletics activities in any vehicle not owned or contracted by District.
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