KDU PG Scholarship Application form 2018
In recognition of the academic achievements and individual talents, a wide range of scholarships is offered to commencing and continuing students across all fields of study. KDU Penang University College offers the following Scholarships and Bursary Awards to enable deserving students to pursue their tertiary education.
• Scholarship & Bursary Award for Pre-U, Diploma and Degree programmes up to 100%
• Leadership Scholarship up to 100%
• Sports Scholarship up to 100%
• Yayasan KDU up to 50%
• UEC Bursary 20%
• HOPE Bursary up to 50%
• Teacher and Family Bursary 20%
• Pre-University (A-level and Foundation) 100% LEVEL UP with a Degree
• Inaugural Bursary for all new 2018 programmes 20%
• Pre-University (A-level and Foundation) Discount 30%
• Diploma Discount (Mass Communication/Professional English Communication/Business/Accounting/Interior Design) 15%
• Degree Discount 15%
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