Services for People of Color with Autism
We are looking at a long-term and sustainable programs for post-COVID, knowing very well that our normal has been changed and we will most likely have a new normal. This form aims to gather information about services provided to those with autism broadly, and those who identify as people of color with autism. We hope to use this information to help create more opportunities to support people of color with autism. All responses to this survey are anonymous.

This survey is administered by the Alexis Miranda Foundation.
Are you an organization or provider that supports people with Autism? *
If yes, where are you located? (Please list city and state.)
Please provide a short description of your program(s). These may include, but are not limited too: after school programs, all-day programs, summer camps, sleep away camps, residential programs etc. *
What is the average cost of your program? Please list the unit of cost (per school year, per week of service, per class session etc.) *
Do you provide extracurricular activities for individuals with autism? *
If yes, what percentage of your clients identify as people of color? Please write estimated average percentage instead of a range.
Does your program actively recruit people of color specifically? *
In your opinion, what are the barriers to accessing extracurricular activities for people of color? *
How do you think you can better serve your clients of color with autism? *
Would you be interested in working with other organizations in serving POC with autism? If so, what support or assistance would you need? *
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