VA Thespian Theatre Educator of the Year 2018
Any current Virginia EdTA adult member or VA ITS student member in a leadership position (STO, RTO, Troupe Officer) may submit a letter of nomination. Letters of nomination must be received by the State President/Director at least 30 (thirty) days before the annual state conference.

1. The nominee must have served Virginia EdTA in a significant manner over a period of several years.
2. The nominee may be a college/university professor or instructor, a conference host, an All-Virginia Show Director or Tech Director, a workshop or in-service presenter, a former Thespian Troupe director, a businessman, a parent, or a member of the community at large.
3. The contributions of the nominee may have focused on one or more areas which either advanced theatre education for students and teachers or advanced the organization’s ability to serve its members.

1. In any one year, the number of those awarded will be 1.
2. Recipients shall receive a plaque and/or $500 award.
3. The State Director can appoint a committee of three individuals that may consist of board members or former board members, STO Alumni, or other theatre professionals. Those appointed by the State President/Director shall review the applications and make recommendations which will then be presented to the Board for final selection. After approval by the Board, the State President/Director will notify and announce the honorees during the State Conference.
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Please write your letter here. Letters should contain the following information: (a) the full name and title (if appropriate) of the nominee, (b) the current school, business, community, or organizational affiliation of the nominee, (c) any previous such affiliations that contribute to the nominee’s qualifications, (d) a list of the specific contributions the nominee has made to the work of the organization. *
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