SVC ☀️ Concept Art
This form is for fursuit reference art by Kinghime, the official concept artist of Sunny Valley Creations. Please fill out this form if you are interested in fursuit references in the SVC style.

I am only the concept artist so please direct questions about fursuits and quotes to SVC directly.


Email address *

By commissioning me you agree to have read my Terms of Service:

✦ I will only draw references in the SVC style.

✦ Full refunds are ONLY if I fail to complete the commission within 30 days of payment.

✦ The client must be 18 years or older per Paypal policy.

✦ The client will only receive a DIGITAL COPY of the artwork, no shipping will be involved.

✦ The client may request anonymity if desired.

✦ The client may post the commissioned art wherever they see fit.

✦ The client may modify or color their commission as long as credit is given.

I am 18+ and have read the rules above. *
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