Hurricane Laura Response: Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Volunteer Sign-up
Mutual Aid Disaster Relief volunteer sign-up in response to Hurricane Laura.

Once you've signed up, please download Signal ( and Slack ( to your phone, this is where most of the organizing discussions will take place.

You will be contacted by a MADR organizer, either through text, phone call, or email. Please leave any questions or comments in the field at the bottom. Thank you.

*Important: we are in the midst of a pandemic. Louisiana and Texas have been hit harder than almost anywhere else globally during this pandemic. It is not just important, but essential that we take serious precautions to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

**If you are looking to come to Louisiana to volunteer, please ask yourself -- is there something I can do from home that would be even more helpful? Could I send the funds that I would have spent on travel? Could I organize a fundraiser, mail supplies? Could I be a drop-off site for supplies? Could I contribute remotely online?

***If you decide you want to volunteer in person: we will not be connecting people with homes to stay in. No one who is in Louisiana right now should be expected to risk catching a deadly virus to receive help. Please anticipate staying in a tent or sleeping in your vehicle. Please travel with people who are already in your pod (quarantine crews!); please do not take unnecessary risks. We can try our best to connect you to outdoor places to stay, but please do not expect to stay in people's homes. If you have further questions, thoughts, concerns, please leave a comment at the end and we will respond as quickly as possible.

****Mutual Aid Disaster Relief approaches disaster response with the following core values: solidarity not charity; self-determination; mandar obedeciendo (leadership from below) and subsidiarity; autonomous direct action; intersectionality; sustainability; dual power; and collective liberation.

If you need to contact us directly or more immediately, please email us at
You can also message us on Facebook (see link to our page below).

In Solidarity!
Mutual Aid Disaster Relief
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Have you tested positive with COVID-19, been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or been exposed to someone with unconfirmed symptoms of COVID-19? Please describe. *We want to be very clear. COVID-19 antibodies do NOT equate to immunity. The research is, as now, inconclusive, and we seek to avoid any unnecessary risks to spreading COVID-19 in disaster areas* *
We put the safety and health of our volunteers and community members first. If you participate in in-person volunteer work, you will be expected to adhere to COVID-19 risk reduction protocol, including but not limited to: masking, hand-washing, distancing, working outside, working alone, getting tested, and more. Do you understand and agree to this?
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There is plenty of support work that can be done remotely/virtually. Are you interested in doing virtual support work? This could look like making phone calls; monitoring form responses; supporting volunteer intake, supporting boots-on-the-ground; fielding requests; and more. This is a great option for people who are 1. not in Louisiana 2. in a higher COVID-19 risk category 3. People who are savvy with spreadsheets; graphic design-oriented; tech-y; love to chat on the phone with strangers; keep odd hours, the list goes on! Not all response work is in-person. Back-end support is critical! Are you interested in:
Please include two references (professional, personal, an organizing peer, etc). Please include their name, phone number, email address, and their relationship to you. *
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