Engineers Without Borders Singapore
Engineers Without Borders Singapore (EWB SG) is constantly looking to expand our operations and our reach to the needy. To do so, we are looking for volunteers who are interested in contributing even in the smallest aspect to communities in need through our society.

Please note that one does not have to exclusively be an engineer to contribute to EWB SG. We are open to ideas about how interested individuals would want to contribute to the society through us. You may visit for more information on the operations of EWB SG, or contact our team directly at at any time.

1) How is the commitment like if I am a EWB SG Volunteer?
The volunteers will be part of our mailing list, and will be notified of any projects along with our society newsletter and updates. They can then choose to assist the project if they are able to.

2) Is there a membership fee to be a Volunteer for EWB SG?
We believe it shouldn't cost a single cent to volunteer and hence, there is no charges or fees to sign up for a EWB SG Volunteer.

3) Do I have to be an engineer to join EWB?
Not at all! Although EWB SG utilizes engineering solutions to solve problems, we need every hand available to support our cause.

4) Can I join EWB SG as an undergraduate?
Of course, people of all ages are welcome to help our cause.

5) How will I know if my application is successful?
Our team will notify you through email within 14 working days on the confirmation of your application.

DISCLAIMER: By completing this form, you confirm that EWB SG can contact you in the future with regards to joining the society as a member and that you are willing to disclose the relevant information to us. Completing this form does not guarantee your membership with EWB SG. You will be contacted through email regarding the status of your application within 14 working days.


By submitting this form, you agree that EWB SG may collect, use and disclose your personal data, as provided in this application/survey / expression of interest form, for the following purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012:

A. The processing of your membership with the organisation;
B. To contact you to provide information in relation to the organisation and/or your membership
C. Whatever other purpose
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