PHA Winter COB 2021 Interest and Eligibility Form
All 11 active PHA chapters are eligible for continuous open bidding/informal recruitment this Winter. Chapters have the autonomy to choose whether or not they choose to recruit new members during Winter 2021.

A list of eligible chapters and a point of contact can be found on the Northwestern PHA website. Chapters manage the continuous open bidding/informal recruitment process on their own time and are responsible for connecting with interested students directly. Therefore, completing this form does NOT guarantee that you will be contacted.

Panhellenic will use the information below to create a database of students interested in Winter 2021 COB. This will be available to all chapters for use in the continuous open bidding/informal recruitment. Students must have completed one term of college-level coursework at an accredited institution to be eligible to join a sorority.

Please reach out to Jessica Tartakovsky ( if you have any questions or concerns!
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