i5k Species Nominations
i5k wants to know what arthropod species you want to see sequenced. We understand that you may not have answers for all of the questions below, but please provide as much information as you have to help us best evaluate the species for sequencing.

Feel free to nominate a species even if others have already done so, especially if you have additional information to add or would like to participate in the analysis if it is selected for sequencing.

If you have more than 10 species to nominate and would like to enter data using a spreadsheet, please contact: arthropodcommunity@gmail.com

For more information about the nominations process please visit:

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3. Species scientific name *
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4. NCBI TaxID *
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5. Do you already have some genome sequence data?
6. Are you aware of any other groups that have already begun a genome sequencing project for this species?
If you answered "Yes" to question 5 or 6, please provide additional information here.
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7. What is the phylogenetically closest genome sequence that is available?
8. Has tissue from this species been deposited in Global Genome Biodiversity Network repository?
9. Do you have access to live specimens? *
10. Do you have access to haploid or homogametic (e.g., X0, XX ZZ, Z0, etc.) specimens? *
11. If you have inbred lines, are they
12. How many generations of inbreeding have been performed on the specimens in your collection?
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13. Do you have high molecular weight (HMW) DNA extracted? If yes, what metrics have you used to assess quality?
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14. What is the approximate genome size?
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15. Approximately how much DNA can be extracted from a single specimen?
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16. Do you have RNA extracted?
If you answered "Yes" to question 14, for how many tissues or life stages do you have extracted RNA?
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17. Do you already have or are you aware of existing RNA sequence data?
18. How would you like to participate? Please select all options that apply and add others as you wish. *
19. Please provide a brief rationale for the importance of sequencing this species. Examples may include significance to or scientific interest based on Agriculture, Ecosystem Function, Food Safety, Medicine, Energy, Available Genetic Tools, Systematics, Novel Biology.
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