Arizona Opportunity Hack 2018 - Non-profit Survey
Dates: October 20th and 21st 2018

This year, months before Opportunity Hack begins, we're seeking to better understand the problems our non-profits and government institutions face. Please help us understand your needs so we can help to make Opportunity Hack 2018 the best year on record!

More info at and

We're also looking for industry partners! Please check out if you, or someone you know is interested.

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Which of these problems does your company face? *
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3 - A big problem for us
Recruiting volunteers
Communication to volunteers
Registration, sign-in, and sign-up forms
Keeping track of a person’s progress
Data analysis
Sending customized emails
Inventory management system
Website or social media marketing
Location finder
Storing data on people
Storing data on animals
Government compliance documentation
Other problems not listed above
Please let us know if you need help with something that was not listed above
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