Stitch Away Stress 2018
April is National Stress Awareness Month and the Craft Yarn Council wants to share how you can stitch away stress and UNWIND with crochet and knitting.

Throughout the month on social media and our YouTube channel, we’ll share interviews and tips from an amazing group of people who have been instrumental in promoting the wellness benefits of these crafts. We'll also share quotes from many of your favorite bloggers and designers about why knitting and crochet is so important in their lives.

We also want to hear from YOU. What are some of the ways that yarn crafts contribute to your wellness? Take this survey so we can found out and share our findings!

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How many hours do you crochet/knit a week? *
What’s your favorite time of day to crochet/knit? *
If Morning, do you notice any improvements in how your day progresses?
How many skeins/balls of yarn do you estimate you have in your stash? *
Where’s the most unusual place you have crocheted/knitted? *
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What’s the biggest benefit you feel you get from crocheting/knitting? *
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Select ways in which crochet/knitting has ever contributed to your overall wellness. Select all that apply. *
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