Nutrition Quiz Part I                                                         ~ from Fresh Approach Fitness

Pop Quiz: All about ME! The Eater's version.

This quiz will help you discover your nutritional fingerprint so you can craft an eating plan that will help you eliminate the cravings. As we identify opportunities for improvement, the intention is to bring conscious awareness to who you are as an eater.

Part I is just the beginning, Part II is where you will learn more about your food philosophy, along with different strategies to move forward.

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1. The three foods/drinks I couldn't dream of living without are________ and what I love about them ( taste? texture? smell? memories? culture?)
2. On the other hand, I could easily live without this food(s);
3. I would rather eat dirty socks than be forced to eat _______I dislike this food because:
4. I like to eat;
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5. Growing up, food was/wasn't an important part of my family's culture and my memories of being a child.
6. My parents or another family member taught me how to cook.
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7. I love to cook.
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8. If I had more time, I would cook every day.
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9. Cooking feels foreign to me and gets in the way of my healthy eating goals.
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10. I enjoy trying new recipes and would try more if I didn’t have to think about where to find ones that fit my lifestyles.
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11. I have no trouble following defined meal plans.
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12. I dislike routine and have a hard time sticking to rigid plans.
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13. I have tried _____ diets in the past. ________ have worked. _________ haven't.
14. The diets that have worked, worked  because ....
15. The diets that didn't work failed because
16. I have lost______ pounds and gained______ in the past ten years.
17. When I am busy or stressed, I often....
18. I eat when I am (check all that apply) *
19. I often eat:
20. I think I have an emotional attachment to food or eating.
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21. The idea of dieting creates feeling of (check all that apply)
22. I easily get consumed by new trends and change my diet, my fitness routine, and even my clothing style often.
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23. I eat because... *
24. To me, food is.....
This is meant to help you understand yourself as an eater. Return to it when you are trying to decide which path of change to take. For example, don't take on a rigid meal plan if previous defined plans have failed in the past or the idea of dieting fills you with anxiety. Alternately, if structure makes you feel confident and in control of your health, maybe a meal plan system is for you!                                                                                                  
Do you find yourself curious and interested in learning more, especially about different strategies to move forward.                                                                   *
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