Civil War Scavenger Hunt Conclusion
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1. Using slide number 1, what years did the Civil War take place? *
2. Using slide number 2, Ohio was on which side of the Civil War? *
3. Using slide number 2, Alabama was on which side of the Civil War? *
4. Using slide number 2, Missouri was on which side of the Civil War? *
5. Using slide number 2, which of the following definitions best describes the term "border state?" *
6. Using slide number 3, what color uniforms did the Confederate soldiers wear? *
7. Using slide number 4, which of the following was an advantage for the Union states? *
8. Using slide number 5, who was the President of the Confederate States of America? *
9. Using slide number 6, the Union's plan to stop the South from getting supplies and selling cotton was known as? *
10. Using slide number 6, General Sherman's plan to destroy anything in the south that was useful to their war effort was known as? *
11. Using slide number 7, Which of the following was the most successful and best known Confederate general during the Civil War? *
12. Using slide number 8, Which of the following was a new type of weapon used during the Civil War? *
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