Sports Leader Application Form
If you would like to be a Sports Leader at Paignton Academy during 2019-20, continue to read the following information before completing the application form below.

The Academy organises and hosts over 20 primary sports festivals each year. Students that are accepted as Sports Leaders will be selected to support the running of the festivals, taking on a range of roles which may include: coaching, officiating, leading, scoring, media and planning.

All sports leaders will be expected to attend a training session in the run up to their festivals.

Most festivals run on a Thursday afternoon from 12.15pm - 3pm at the Waterleat Road Site. Sports leaders will be expected to speak to their teachers, ensuring that they catch up on any work missed whilst they are volunteering as a sports leader.

Every application will be considered and selection will be based upon the following criteria:

- Behaviour of student in lessons and around school
- Keeping up to date with school work
- Attendance at school
- How well students have performed when they have previously been involved as a leader. Students will not be penalised if they have never been a leader before.
- Commitment to take part in associated training

Sports Leaders will be limited to a maximum of one festival per half term.
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