New Membership Questionnaire
Please complete our new members questionnaire. Once completed, you will be contacted to set up a portfolio review. Portfolio reviews are schedules the second and last Thursday's of the month during business hours from 10am-5pm.
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Education and background
What is your education/experience in printmaking?
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If you were a recent student can you let us know when you graduated? Recent grads receive a discount.
Have you ever taken a course/workshop at Open Studio?
If so, which courses have you taken?
If you have taken a course/workshop at Open Studio, please indicate how many.
What area of the studio are you looking to access?
What area(s) do you want to access at Open Studio?
Do you have a portfolio of 6-8 pieces of work you have printed in the area you wish to access?
Why do you want to join Open Studio?
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What times work for you for a portfolio review?
How did you find out about Open Studio?
How did you find out about Open Studio?
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Volunteering at Open Studio
Open Studio Membership Volunteer Requirements
I understand that as an Open Studio member I am required to provide 10 volunteer hours per year. There are many ways that artist members can contribute to the organization, including options for those that do not live in Toronto, or have other reasons for not helping onsite. Please see the list of options below and feel free to select more than one option. Additionally, all members should: like and share/repost Open Studio's social media posts, credit Open Studio whenever displaying artwork created at Open Studio, bring friends to exhibition openings and fundraising events and sell event tickets to friends, family and wider networks.
Fundraising Events
All able-bodied members that live in Toronto are expected to volunteer at our two major fundraisers, Editions and the Artist Proof Sale. These two events together contribute over $45k in profit to the organization's operating budget, and require over 50 volunteers each, and we need all hands on deck. Please have a look at the roles below and select all that apply.
Exhibition Opening Receptions
Which of the following roles are you interested in? Please select all that apply.
General Administration
Which of the following roles are you interested in? Please select all that apply.
Remote Tasks
Which of the following roles are you interested in? Please select all that apply.
Technical Support
Which of the following roles are you interested in? Please select all that apply.
Are there any other tasks you are interested in that were not listed above?
Please describe below.
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As an artist member at Open Studio, you have the opportunity to join one of our committees. Our committees are an integral governance structure, working in conjunction with our Board to support and assist staff in achieving the organization's over-arching goals. Committees meet 6-10 times a year (every 1-2 months).
Which one of the following committees would you be interested in joining, if any?
Please select one of the following options.
Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.
I acknowledge that I will contact the Technical Director, Anna Gaby-Trotz after completing this survey so that she can arrange a review with me in a timely manner. Anna's e-mail is
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