Bandathon Blitz: Team Sign-Up
Two dates for the Bandathon Blitz this year in order to reach more of the community!
October 11 and October 18
Bandathon is October 28

What is the Bandathon Blitz?
It is a day when students, organized into teams with a parent leader, are assigned an area of the city to go door-to-door letting people know about the NWSS music program and collecting pledges for the Bandathon/Choir-a-thon Fundraiser.

All participating students receive an equal share of the profits of the night. Parent volunteers also receive a share to be credited to their child.

Students participating in the Bandathon/Choir-a-Thon Blitz must arrange themselves into TEAMS OF 4 (if your vehicle can carry 4 passengers + driver) with a PARENT VOLUNTEER DRIVER in advance by filling out this online form.
When you arrive the night of the Blitz, you will need to fill out a SD40 Volunteer Form (click the link on the webpage to open the PDF Parent Volunteer Form)
Please sign up for your route online by October 6 if possible.

The donations collected on Blitz nights are a pledge to support our Bandathon, a 12-hour music-making marathon that is taking place on Saturday October 28th in the music rooms at NWSS. This year, we are adding CHOIR to this event, making the event a Bandathon/Choir-a-thon that will be happening in TWO ROOMS at THE SAME TIME for 12 HOURS!

We hope all our students will participate in the Bandathon/Choir-a-thon on October 28. Students can participate for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of the whole day. Sign-up sheets for the Bandathon/Choir-a-thon will be posted in the music rooms in the first week of October.

Bandathon/Choir-a-thon Blitz

Wednesday October 11 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Wednesday October 18 6:30pm to 9:30pm

All teams meet at New Westminster Secondary School, Massey Cafeteria to start the night

What parents/guardians need to do
1. Volunteer to be a parent driver if possible and work with your child to create a team of 4 students. Sign up using this online form.
2. If you are not able to volunteer for one of the Bandathon Blitz nights, please help your child organize themselves to be on a team. You can contact your child's music teacher to help if needed.

We are looking for the parent/guardian of a Grade 9 student to help organize this event next year. Can you help? Contact music auxiliary president Cheryl Greenhalgh at

Email Mr Steve Clements

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