McCracken Middle School Student Safety Reporting Form
McCracken Middle School is committed to providing a safe, comfortable learning environment for all students. Here at McCracken, we have preventative programs such as Second Step, PBIS, CHAMPS, social and emotional skill groups, care cards and peer mediation that combat peer conflict. However, with an increasingly digital world, we want to provide students, families, and community members with an opportunity to make reports using our online student safety reporting form. This form encourages students, parents, and staff to report serious safety concerns to McCracken administration confidentially.

*If this is an immediate emergency please contact 911.
*If this report is completed outside of school hours, please note that the incident will be reviewed and investigated as soon as possible.

Parents and families are always welcome to contact the school office at 847-673-1220 during school hours to connect with a member of the administrative team.  We reserve the right to contact parents directly regarding any situation that involves student safety concerns.
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