Accomodation Exchange
You are an artist ? You want to showcase your work and talent ? Film 321 Action Restaurant in Tainan welcomes artists to rock our stage every week. Fill up this form and grab the chance to be on our show!

How to apply ?
Fill up this contact form, in which you have to send us a link of your best song, dance, play, show, photographs… In fact your BEST WORK ! (Videos of 3 to 5 min or equivalent)
And tag us on a little teaser of your work on social medias.

Conditions of the accommodation exchange program in Film 321 Action Restaurant:
If your show lasts for 45min, we provide you an accommodation for one night. You can also use our sound device and mixer but you should bring the tools you need: your instrument etc.
If your show is an exhibition which lasts max 1 month, we provide you 3 days of accommodation to let you set up your work.
If you want to draw on live, we provide you 1 day of accommodation for at least one artwork.
If you want to take photographs , we provide you 1 day accommodation for at least 3 photos.
For more information, contact or 呂先生 LU : 06-2234078

填好表格,把您最棒的作品(舞蹈、戲劇、音樂、照片等)寄給我們!並且在FB或IG上標記您的作品 @filmrestaurant就可以了。 *影片長度約3-5分鐘,把網址寄給我們。



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