Family Info Collection: PCHS Chorus 2016-2017
A VERY IMPORTANT data collection tool for the use of communication and recording keeping for our program! Parents should assist their kids in filling out this form!
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Parents will automatically be put on a communication list from; these messages are directly from Mr. Bensen or our choral secretary. We will NOT share your information. WHICH format of communication would you prefer: *
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Student email address (WCPSS)
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Like the parents, students will be added to a mandatory contact list through; which types of contact would you prefer: *
For the above question, if student contact by email is the preferred communication method, what email address should send messages to (can be alternate to address):
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Parents: Do you plan to attend the Parent Meeting for chorus, being held on Tues. Sept. 6 at 7pm in the chorus room? *
Students/Parents: Have you accessed our Choral Dept. Handbook available at and read the policies and procedures for this program? *
Students/Parents: Are you aware that there are some expenses associated with being a part of this program (such as outfit costs, a FairShare fee, and concert ticket sales)? *
Students/Parents: Are you aware that financial assistance is available for the above expenses through our Choral Booster organization? IF you believe you may need some financial assistance for FairShare or Outfit expenses, please explain in the "other" option below-- we want to make sure that ALL students can participate without financial hardship in this excellent program! *
Parents: Are there times you might be able to help out our program by volunteering throughout the year? If so, please describe below:
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