Thank you so much for your interest in Meat the Future, the world’s first and only documentary about the birth of the 'cell-ag' industry! We appreciate and value your input as we seek to maximize the film’s educational impact and increase awareness and acceptance of cellular agriculture.

Please take a moment to fill out this short survey. Thank you again!
1. Will you or your organization be an official co-host of a flagship event? If you select “yes,” then we’ll be in touch and thank you!
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2. Are you able to introduce us to any stakeholders, influencers, or organizations that might partner with us? These could be people or organizations inside our outside of the cellular agriculture community. If you select “yes,” then we’ll be in touch.
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3. Can you, or someone in your network, please make a donation to our Meat the Future impact campaign to help us maximize the film’s reach and also measure the audience’s reaction? If so, please follow this link to view our impact deck and make a donation. Thank you!
4. Our six flagship events for Meat the Future will include virtual screenings with expert panels to discuss the film’s themes. Do you have any suggestions for specific topics to cover and/or people who would make excellent panelists?
5. In general, what value does the film provide for you and/or your organization?
We’re very grateful for your support of Meat the Future. To keep up to date on the film, please follow us on social media! If you have any other ideas related to the film or our impact campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
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